Beautiful Insomnia
March 20th
6:40 PM


I disguised you as him

Everything you did… 

was him. 

I couldn’t look at you in the eyes

because weren’t him… 

Every tear I shed

was because of him

Every night I cried

for him


February 16th
4:57 PM
Something to think about… #poetry #art #drawing

Something to think about… #poetry #art #drawing

December 11th
10:35 PM

I feel something so familiar

Every glance, every ache

It is all so similar.

November 18th
10:48 PM

you can’t get what you want But you can get me…

So let’s set up and see, love
'Cause you are my medicine
When you’re close to me

October 30th
12:51 PM

Is it too much to ask, to want you to show me a sign

Is it impossible to think, you will ever be mine?

You leave me here waiting, when will it be time…

This heartache should be illegal, this feeling is a crime…

-Lemon LeStrange

October 17th
1:00 AM


I hate you. Words can not express the disgust I feel inside when I see you. You make every inch of my body nervous. You make everything around you unhappy and angry. It is like you sucked up all the colours of the world, and kept them inside you. Inside your heart. Something I will never reach, a place I will never taste, a smell I will never see, a view I will never touch. Your heart. I hate it because I will never understand it. I will never feel it. I will never get close to it. You will never let me in it. You will never let me be apart of you. I hate you. Every step, every move, every word, every smile, every look, every part of you. Every inch of you, I hate it. I hate it so much it feels as if I could die of hate. It feels wrong to live in the same world as you. I feel sick to step on the same ground as you. Please leave. I don’t want to see you anymore. Every time I look at you, its so disgusting it hurts me. Every inch so beautiful, so admirable, so sweet, so grand, so perfect it hurts. Go away. I can’t stand it. I hate you so much it makes me cry. So much it makes me want to disappear. I never want to see you again. I will never forgive you. Everything you do is wrong. The way you smile, talk, move, think, look; the way you are is wrong. Everything about you should be different. I hate the way I hate you. You’re bad. You’re wrong. Just leave, don’t show up around me again. I never want to see your face. You should be ashamed of yourself. How hateful you are. How inappropriate you are! I hate you. So much, I can’t live without you. How could you have stolen my heart like this? I will never forgive you. So perfect, and likeable. So beautiful. I hate you. It’s the misery of having to see you, hear you, not being able to touch you. To feel you. You will never let me in. I will never belong in your heart. I won’t ever be noticed by you. I am invisible. You don’t even remember my name. I can’t live without you. Even if the only feeling I get from you is hate. At least I can see you… Don’t notice me. Let me watch you make everything unhappy and angry. Let every inch of my body be nervous around you. Don’t leave. Please stay. Even if the only feeling I will get is hate…

August 15th
11:42 AM

Liar, Liar

You fire those words

Without aim

You play people as if they were a game

and then you ask why no one takes you seriously

Everyone looks at you

Shaking their heads shamelessly

You lie so much

It makes you insane

And your the only one to blame

-Lemon LeStrange

11:40 AM

Birds & Bees

hearts pounding in warm chests

just some more teenage sex

Awkward and a mess

slipping off that tiny dress

Falling in love

and on your knees

here come the birds and bees…

-Lemon LeStrange

July 24th
8:37 PM

Hide and Seek

Hiding is what I do best

Especially when I’m stressed

I hide in places hard to find

Even though I know your blind…

-Lemon LeStrange

July 18th
8:03 PM

Notice Me

Your suck in my heart like a thistle

I never even saw you

To me you are invisible 

Until I feel the things you do….


I wish you weren’t so blind

Why won’t you notice me

Look what you’re doing to my mind

You sting like a bee…

-Lemon LeStrange